As a multinational company, bioMerieux China has a management team made up of personnel from different cultural background. To facilitate more effective teamwork, we engaged Rina and Daniel to lead us in a Team Development workshop in March 2007 in Shanghai. With their solid and reliable expertise, they took a positive and progressive approach to provide our team with a creative, open and innovative platform to better perceive ourselves and understand each other. We appreciate their time with us and their efforts, more importantly the fruitful and helpful output from the session. I hereby recommend Telic (Asia) with absolute confidence."

Pascal Vincelot, President
bioMerieux China (, Shanghai, China - bioMerieux is a global multinational, specializing in the in vitro diagnostics sector. They design, develop, produce and market diagnosis systems for medical or industrial applications.
(Pascal engaged Telic to spend a few days with the management team of bioMerieux China in a team development / coaching session in Shanghai)



The Coca-Cola Company recently bought the remaining 65% stake in Coca-Cola Bottlers Philippines from San Miguel Corp. With this, a new leadership team was installed for Coca-Cola Bottlers Philippines with the aim to bring the organisation to a new level of growth in the Philippines market. To help the new leadership team collaborate and work even more effectively together, we engaged Telic (Asia) to lead us in a team development workshop based around the Insights Discovery solution.

The overall workshop was very successful. All of my team members felt the session was very well run and highly beneficial. It has helped each of us understand and appreciate each other’s work styles, strengths and preferences, and has provided us with a highly effective communication framework to relate and connect with one another. This common understanding and framework will serve us well in the months ahead as we work together as a team. For leadership team building, I highly recommend Telic (Asia) and the Insights Discovery solution.”

David Lyons, President & CEO
Coca-Cola Bottlers Philippines, Inc (, Manila, Philippines – the premier soft beverage corporation and one of the largest corporations in the Philippines.
(Coca-Cola Bottlers Philippines engaged Telic to deliver a team development session for their leadership team as part of their planning meeting in 2007)



“Working in industry for many years, I have attended many courses. Most courses you already know the syllabus and others have no real effect on the way you perform in the workplace. Insights is different.

Firstly the course facilitators Daniel and Rina are fantastic; they bring fun into learning and make the entire experience fresh and exciting. They engage even the most skeptical of people and give them a window into an opportunity to change their lives. With Insights, everyone came into the classroom as individuals, but left as a dynamic team, appreciating more each person’s personality and way of work to make the team more effective.

I for one have seen the difference this course has had on me, and I would wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone. This is a chance to change the way you work forever. No lies, it was that good.”

Ian Condie
QHSSE - Europe, West Africa & CIS
Weatherford Pipeline and Specialty Services (, Aberdeen, Scotland.
(Ian attended the Weatherford global QHSSE planning meeting in Singapore. Weatherford engaged Telic to facilitate a one-day Insights session for the global team)



“I am very glad to confirm that our experience with the Insights tool has been extremely useful for the team dynamic and help us to achieve a new stage in the collaboration between people.

The interactive and open way the session has been handled did make it very effective and people keep referring to this tool and meeting. The style of the facilitator, their energy as well as the rhythm has been perfectly well managed, and it all went above our expectation.

We consider you as strong partner and we will keep leveraging you across Asia to support our team building session. Thanks again for the fruitful work.”

Jean-Luc Giraud
Global Head - Human Resources, Commercial Operations & Corporate Functions
Sandoz International GmbH ( - a Novartis Company, Holzkirchen, Germany

(Jean-Luc organized a planning meeting in Singapore for his global HR team. Sandoz engaged us to facilitate a half-day Insights session for the global team)



“The team development session facilitated by Telic (Asia) was immensely helpful, especially with the introduction of the Insights Discovery System to our leadership team. The session was interactive and energetic, and there was a good mix of theory and hands-on practice. All of us thoroughly enjoyed the session and felt that the session was very beneficial. The leadership team has developed a more empathetic style of communication with one another, demonstrating more respect for individual personality and preferences, and making effort to adjust their communication style to better meet the needs of others.”

Raymund Chua, HR Director
Hamilton Sundstrand Pacific Aerospace ( - a United Technologies company, Singapore
(Hamilton engaged Telic to facilitate a team development / Insights session for their leadership team in Singapore)



“It was a pleasure to partner with Telic (Asia) for our inaugural Strategic Plan meeting at Trivandrum.

SunTec is currently at an unprecedented growth phase and has added senior managers to the team to provide leadership and direction to the organization. The leadership has very good experience with different multinational organizations; from different nationalities and is based around the globe. It was our endeavor to integrate this leadership together to share a common goal and mission.

We are happy that we chose Telic (Asia) and Insights Discovery System to achieve the objective of this integration. The session was well managed and professionally conducted. Considering the team is fairly experienced and had been to many similar exercises; it still brought in a freshness and novelty in the approach. The facilitation skills were suited to the context of the team and overall effectiveness was highly appreciated. The session’s structure, facilitation and effectiveness were very good.

We would like to confirm our appreciation for the session and hope that there will be other opportunities to work together with Telic (Asia) in the future.”

Nanda Kumar, President & CEO
SunTec Business Solutions (, Trivandrum, India – one of the fastest-growing technology companies in India and Asia Pacific (Deloitte Technology Awards 2006)
(SunTec engaged us to facilitate a team development session for their global leadership team based on the Insights Discovery model at their headquarters in Trivandrum, India)


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