Insights Learning & Development (Insights) is one of the fastest growing and most innovative global management development, training and consulting organizations based in the UK. Working in partnership with some of the world's most successful companies (e.g. 3M, BP, Pfizer, Deutsche Bank, Barclays, HSBC, Merck, The Nuance Group, Astra Zeneca, Shell, Prudential and Novartis), Insights has developed a wide range of unique and innovative learning systems and solutions that act as a catalyst for realising transformation at the individual, team and organisational level.

At the heart of Insights is their highly regarded and robust Insights Discovery System™, a system based on the pioneering personality profiling work of Carl Jung. Using colour as a common language for self-understanding, effective interaction and organisational growth, the Discovery System represents the unique thread running through Insights’ entire portfolio of solutions. The system and the various applications developed around it, have benefited many organisations in the US and Europe.

Telic entered into a partnership agreement with Insights in 2006. We are very glad we are now able to offer organisations operating in Singapore and Asia the opportunity to experience Insights solutions and the benefits they bring.

Following list a summary of Insights key solution offerings:

For the Development of the Individual:

Insights Discovery Personal Profile - probably the most accurate and dynamic personal profiling system in the world, and the best possible tool for assisting individuals in their search for understanding – both in terms of their personal style and managing their relationships with others, at work and at home.  The profile can also be used as a strategic resource for leadership development, candidate assessment, sales training, team development and executive coaching.

Insights Discovery Full Circle - the perfect complement to the Insights Discovery Personal Profile, extending the understanding and perception of self to include an insight into the perception others have of our preferences.

Insights Personal Effectiveness Program - this program offers an introduction to the Insights Discovery System and the Insights Discovery Personal Profile. It provides participants with a language and framework for understanding themselves and others that they can immediately put into practice.

Insights Sales Effectiveness Program - a sales training program designed for the development of sales executives and account managers. This comprehensive program addresses the learning needs at every stage of the sale process - from preparation to follow-through. The program will be supported by the Effective Selling Chapter embedded in the Insights Discovery profile, and it is designed to help individuals understand their personal strengths and challenges at each stage of the sales process.

Insights Transformational Leadership Program - any enduring change in the workplace starts with change at the individual level - the organisation's leaders. The Transformational Leadership Programme devotes significant time to helping leaders understand their own unique style and how this manifests itself in their relationships with others and in their day-to-day activities. With a clear knowledge of self and personal impact, participants are then moved to examine their effectiveness in eight critical areas, using a range of diagnostic tools and learning modes to move towards personal action plans.

For the Development of the Team or Organization:

Insights Oracle - this is a strategic organisational analysis tool that allows clients to measure the collective personality of a particular group. Oracle can reveal how your corporate personality may appear to your stakeholders, as well as capturing the culture of teams, departments or the organisation.

Insights Team Effectiveness Navigator - this enables team members to measure the performance of the team against sixteen core capabilities, including vision, creativity, trust and problem-solving. Mapping these findings with the 'team personality' can provide rich information to ensure that the human dynamic and the achievement of team objectives are maximised.

Insights Team Dynamics Program - good teamwork is about relationships. It’s about each team member understanding their role and contribution to the group and feeling valued for the part they play in helping the team succeed. This program helps team members gain a unique insight into who they are and who their team members are and enables the group to explore how relationships can be optimized

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