Welcome to Telic (Asia)

Telic - directed or tending toward a goal or purpose; purposeful.
........... [Greek telikos, from telos, end.]

Driven by a strong sense of purpose and desire to make a difference in the marketplace, we aspire to bring freshness, energy and inspiration into all our engagements.

Telic (Asia) is a regional management consulting, training and development organisation based in Singapore. We exist to help leaders, teams, organisations raise their level of effectiveness and performance through effective delivery and provision of high quality organisation consulting, training and development, and executive coaching solutions.

We develop collaborative relationships with our clients with the intent of inspiring and effecting transformational change in individuals, teams and organizations.

How we Create High Performing Organizations, Teams and Individuals

We do this through a combination of our own proprietary programs, along with some of the most innovative and well-tested tools in the market.

We provide a common language, an integrated system of thought and action which drives performance and accelerate organizational growth.

We carve out solutions that are holistic, far-sighted and that would bring our clients long-term benefits. While we listen hard to learn from our clients what they expressedly want, we work even harder at delivering the results our clients really need.



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