Our Values


Telic strives to uphold the following principles and values as we approach our business:

  • Integrity
  • Authenticity
  • Bringing real value
  • Delivering tangible and sustainable results
  • Courage
  • Independent thinking


Our Approach

We partner as consultants with leaders, teams and organizations to lead change. Our goals is to bring about sustained change and performance. We seek to understand our client's organizational culture, issues and key drivers to ensure that our recommended solutions fit with their context.

Our clients value the effort we make in marrying a creative approach with an emphasis on logical execution. It is our desire to build long-term relationships with our client organization and bring a sense of enjoyment in the partnership.


Our Commitment

Our ultimate goal is to help you achieve organizational greatness through the development of high performance individuals, teams and leaders as well as a highly engaging culture.


What Makes Us Different


International experience and outlook.  Given our experiences in Asia, Europe and US, we are able to offer an 'international' approach to the solutions we offer.  If you run an international operation with an international team, we are culturally more sensitive and we are in a better position to match your firms mindset and business orientation.  If you are presently running a local operation and you have aspirations to go regional, we are able to inject an 'international' flavour into our engagement with you.

Multiple delivery methods. Because of our combined management consulting, project management, training, facilitation and coaching experiences, we are able to offer our clients the most effective delivery method for each engagement.

Unique and proven tools.  Being the Preferred Partner of Insights, we are able to incorporate the use of Insights' extensive range of consulting and development solutions to aid in our engagement with you (www.insights.com).  Insights' Discovery system and the solutions developed around it are some of the best available in the market today.  We are proud to be the Preferred Partner of Insights in Singapore and the surrounding region.


Our Profiles

Telic consists of a closely connected pool of highly competent, committed and like-minded consultants and trainers, located in Singapore and several other Asian cities. Together, we have many years of combined international, senior management and consulting experiences in Asia, Europe and US.  Our key consultants are:

Daniel Ng

Daniel is the Managing Consultant of Telic (Asia). Daniel has more than 16 years of international commercial, management, management development and consulting experience in Asia and Europe. He has worked with and consulted to top-tier multi-international organisations including Bloomberg, BP, the Bank for International Settlements, Coca-Cola, Czech National Bank, bioMerieux, The Royal Bank of Scotland, EMC, Deutsche Bank and BUPA. Read more >>

Rina Tan

Rina is the Managing Consultant of Telic (Asia). Rina brings with her over 15 years of experience working with individuals and organizations to improve effectiveness, enhance fulfilment, and create sustainable change and results. An inspirational and engaging facilitator and coach, she focuses on helping others make courageous choices and intentional changes. Read more >>

Our Associate Consultants

Telic associate consultants form a valuable extension of Telic's capabilities.  We are very privileged to have them as part of Telic's family. Each of our associates is capable of operating on their own.  By working together, we multiply the benefits we bring into our client engagements. For a sample profile of our associate consultants, please visit our Associates page. Read more >>





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