Leadership Development and Executive Coaching for a prominent public sector organization.  We:

  • Profiled and assessed the leadership capabilities of the top leadership team,  including the chief executive

  • Designed and implemented a year-long leadership development programme to enhance team leadership and improve effectiveness and performance of individual leaders

  • Designed and delivered quarterly leadership development workshops to improve leadership team’s team synergy and individual leadership capability

  • Conducted one-to-one coaching to deepen the leadership development process

  • Supported and challenged individual leaders to practice and take on new leadership behaviours

  • Designed and delivered a 2-day corporate retreat for the top seventy executives, helping them to align and add clarity to the corporate strategy and  values

Sales and Customer Relationship Management for a global financial solutions provider. We:

  • Implemented a comprehensive online 24/7 customer support desk for Asian customers, with seamless integration to their knowledge management and    customer relationship management systems

  • Designed training and development solutions for sales and customer support personnel to support the above change

  • Developed a customer-centric sales and service culture orientation within  organization

  • Designed a co-ordination framework between salesforce and customer support elements within organization

  • Ensured smooth adoption of new system and smooth transition for customers in     the midst of system change

  • Managed the entire change process ensuring minimal disruption to the day-to-day business operations

Organisation Development and Culture Re-alignment for a global communications and media organization.  We:

  • Designed and executed a corporate culture audit for the organization in partnership with the global HR director

  • Established a fact-based as is current situation for the organisation. Information  was gathered through conduct of targeted employee surveys, focus group sessions and one-to-one interviews

  • Set specific measurable objectives and engaged the leadership team with the  impetus and vision for culture change

  • Proposed, designed and implemented an integrated change programme for the organisation. This includes re-organisation of the leadership team, improvement to performance management system, introduction of a coaching culture and development of a firm-wide learning and development plan

  • Conducted customised training workshops to strengthen individual leadership capabilities

  • Rolled out and implemented part of the change programme across key offices in Europe and Asia.

Managing and Leading Change Program for a Switzerland-based tier-one

financial institution.  We:

  • Designed and implemented a change program, led and managed the successful implementation of a global electronic trading platform. Migrated trading    environment from a low-security low-tech system to a high-security robust   electronic platform

  • Identified key stakeholders and mapped out expectations and resistance profile for each group. Mitigated and managed their resistance to ease adoption

  • Conducted structured stakeholders meetings and interviewees to ascertain issues, expectations and embedded agenda, and eased concerns

  • Developed a comprehensive communication plan to support every stage of implementation and rollout

  • Paced adoption of change across various levels within and without the organization

  • Developed training solutions for users, ensured steady adoption of new platform    and new platform was integrated smoothly into the daily organisation work life.



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